Favorite Things

In my time as a full-time musician, I have certainly acquired a few favorite things. Whether it’s fantastic musical partners and professional tools I have used or my cat Ferbie – I have plenty of favorites to share!


Dr. William Tiller

Higher conscience anyone? The amazing Dr. William Tiller is a source of inspiration!

PLY Apparel

Pamela and Lamarr are amazing clothing designers that focus on curvy woman! The company works with manufacturers in the US and PLY & donates a percentage of its profits to support the fight against breast cancer.

Viva Van Story

Check out the pin-up photography by Viva!

Mikhail Hallak

Mikhail is an incredible pianist, mentor and friend.


Love this beautiful art form! I started Tango in 2014, I have been hooked, an hour a week of bliss ☺ I have an incredible teacher Damian Lobato, check out him and his wife Sarah’s classes.

John and Diana Vitarelli

Yoga and meditatoin are a must. Check out John and Diana Vitarelli, owners of Dhyana Yoga.

Ferbie The Wonder Cat

Ferbie is a 9-year-old Persian and quite a hairball. Don’t let the hair fool you; she is under 7 pounds! She enjoys watching birdies, getting hair cuts and being grouchy.

Coblentz Bag Company

The Coblentz Bag Company opened in 1935, flying in the face of the Great Depression and business stagnation, and didn’t shut its doors until around 1980. Louis J. Coblentz, born in France in 1896, was the founder. I started collecting their bags a few years ago.

Vintage Costume Jewelry

I love big, glamorous costume jewelry such as Trifari, Coro, Lisner, and Haskel.

Alzheimer’s Prevention

Prevent Alzheimer’s by joining your local chapter! My mother-in-law was diagnosed at 65 with ALZ. Support your local Chapter and help support preventing this horrible afliction.

Antonio Conte Pugliese (the Einstein of voice)

I believe no one else alive today has more knowledge of the human voice! His operatic high notes are second to none and I am truly blessed that he has shared his guidance and knowledge with me.

Don Fischer

I met Msgr. Don Fischer, a truly remarkable friend and mentor, in Italy during the summer of 2012. His message of living through the heart is life-changing, he has had his own radio show based in Dallas for nearly 20 years, and is currently writing a book that will be released shortly.

David Hale Sylvester

David is a writer, public speaker, personal trainer and dear friend. He is fearless and inspiring and we all need someone like this in our lives. Check out his new book Traveling at the Speed of Life!

Vintage Pin-ups

Celeste Giuliano has redefined this fun artistic genre!