About Priscilla

Priscilla Coblentz, a renowned classically trained Opera singer who understands the power and impact that sound vibrations have on the human spirit. People can be uplifted and healed or brought down and become ill all from the sounds and words they experience.

She is excited to be a leader in the new frontier of energy medicine. Born and raised on a dairy farm and ranch in Oklahoma, she studied music and politics which led her to Philadelphia working in government affairs where she helped create a boutique lobbying firm with her partner in 2005.

In 2007, inspired by her love of music, she began pursuing opera again, this gave her the opportunity to travel the world and interact with people who exposed her to energetic healing.

In 2020, she was confident that her true impact on people would come from combining her life experiences and talents in order to share the healing power of energy medicine. She became an IMATE Bioenergetic health practitioner via Dr. Bernard Straile. A certified Health Coach, Graduate of Dr. Zach Bush’s 8-Point Journey of Intrinsic Health. Priscilla is also a certified NES health coach and bioenergetic practitioner.  In concert with many of her collaborators and practitioners, she has created the Harmonic Alignment Collaborative. to connect practitioners in the healing arts to share: innovations and best practices and to collaborate on educating the public through workshops and wellness travel to sacred sites around the globe. Priscilla is a Reiki Master, yoga practitioner, and Argentine tango dancer. She believes that “You are a Miracle”. You are a unique puzzle that only you can put together. She is excited to be a guide along that beautiful journey.